Monday, June 15, 2009

Munchkin bottle drying rack and bottle brush

Bottles and sippy cups can have WAY too many finicky, easily-lost pieces for normal dish drying racks. This fold-down-flat contraption helps dry your bottles, nipples, rings, and even straws. I actually leave all the pieces on it even after they've dried; it's a nice, accessible storage system! The angled design helps water drippings to collect at the bottom (over time it can get kind of yucky, moreso if you have hard water like me, so it needs periodic cleaning).

The rack has a special slot to hold the Munchkin bottle brush (sold separately). The brush has a handy mini-brush hidden in the handle for cleaning nipples, and the angled sponge tip gets into the bottle bottom really well. My only complaint is that the nipple brush can be really hard to pull out of the handle, especially with wet hands.

Purchased at my local Walmart. Has anyone tried the SkipHop one or another brand?


  1. I have the munchkin one with the bristles at the end rather than the sponge. I used to have have yhe sponge one; both are great. That drying rack looks nice- haven't seen that at our sad little Wal-Mart. I'll have to look next time we're in Sydney- might be able to keep sippy cups organized with that!

  2. love your blog hayley!
    i have the boon drying rack. it looks like grass and the 'blades' maneuvre so you can fit a cup, bottle, spoon, or anything upright and it won't move. the grass pops out of the tray so you can dump the drained water. no complaints.