Sunday, July 12, 2009

Safety 1st Crystal Clear Monitor

We forgot our regular monitor (one of those $100 Fisher-Price ones) at home when we went to visit friends for the weekend. We went to Wal-Mart to pick up the cheapest monitor we could find just to get us through the weekend and then keep in the trunk for whenever we go places.
The Safety 1st Crystal Clear Monitor cost us $20.
It actually is crystal clear!! I could not believe it, it is so clear that you can hear the hum of the furnace through it! There is no feedback either - no annoying hum that all monitors seem to have!

The receiver can be plugged in or has room for a 9-volt battery so you can take it with you when there are no plugs available. Not sure if plugging it back in will recharge the battery or not. It has 2 channels and a great volume control.

For $20 I seriously could not recommend a better monitor.

Sugar Peas wool diaper cover

I'm pretty sad I only have one of these! I should have bought more at the time (2 years ago) because I've found they aren't quite the same anymore. I have one in a bigger size that isn't the same texture of wool. This brown one seems to be felted better.

A brief background on wool covers (since they aren't as widely used with the cloth diapers as the polyurethane laminate are): wool is breathable and naturally anti-microbial. It doesn't need to be washed often (or even rinsed, unless it gets poop directly on it), but when you do wash it you have to use a special wash, such as Woolite or Eucalan. It also needs to be periodically lanolized , but only if you sense they are feeling more damp than usual. A wool cover, when it has a soaked diaper inside of it, feels somewhat humid to the touch; however, it's working hard to evaporate the moisture into the air. They are fantastic for overnight.

So, this particular wool cover is just a really nice fit (on my babies, anyways...). The shape is great, good snug fit around the legs, and a nice high waist panel. A friend of mine did have trouble with the leg gusset thread coming undone, but she took them back for replacement and was only able to get a refund... however, she loved them so much that now she wishes she'd kept them and fixed them herself!

Purchased at The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe.