Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dex Dura-bib

Terry-cloth bibs are fine and dandy for spit-up or rice cereal. But when your child starts on those finger foods and messy meals, you need a bib that works hard for you. I tried some cheapy ones with the "catch" trough, but they never stayed open well enough to catch anything. I finally realized i needed an expert's opinion.. who better than a mother of 8? Kate Gosselin uses Dex Dura-bibs exclusively.

The front of the bib is a thick, washable polyurethane surface, and the back is some kind of canvas-type cloth. There are two sets of snaps (with different colours that match up to help you construct the "trough"), and when they are undone the bib folds out 100% flat for washing or wiping. When done up, the bib trough edge sits well away from the child's chest and remains open because of how thick and stiff the material is. You could dump half a cup of juice in that sucker, it's not gonna leak.

The "designs" are hideous. I think there are 5 or 6 to choose from but they are all from the same artist and they all suck. Totally late-80's/early-90's (and not in a good way). But I digress. The quality of the bib trumps the ugliness.

Purchased at the Safety Superstore. Let's just hope the bibs have better longevity than Jon and Kate's marriage...


  1. I find these ones are great, too, and you can get them at Wal Mart:[]=10087

    The pocket part, when you set it up, actually has the seam on the inside, which keeps the pocket open better than on regular bibs.

    Not as sturdy or leak-proof as the Dura-bib, but easy enough to find and not too expensive.

    (There's not a bib on Earth that could save my floor from Ike, though!)

  2. do you mean the 3-pack of waterproof ones? those were the ones i didn't like! ok yes, they are alright. but the food and wetness seeps into that fabric seam in the trough... gross. plus i found that as the printed designs started to wear off, there was a weird sticky residue that i couldn't get rid of. definitely easy to find though!

  3. oh and forget the floor being saved... that's what boot trays are for! i have two under my highchair :)

  4. I don't even have a kid but I enjoy this blog Hayley!!!!

  5. awww thanks erin! it will be here as your resource if you ever need it someday ;P

  6. Wish I had known about those when my kids were using bibs! Baby boy refuses to wear one now.... Wish he still would!

  7. I bought a random 2-pack of bibs from Ikea and really enjoy them because they are really LONG! They have the pocket but can be tucked-in under the tray. They are plastic so no leakage either. I will have to get back to you about the tray business... I haven't taken note.

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