Monday, June 15, 2009

GAIA Skin Soothing Lotion

I love this "nappy rash cream" as it is organic, thick, has a light citrus scent and can be used on eczema, mosquito bites and any other skin irritations.
It's a little on the pricey side (I believe I paid ~$15 for a 200mL bottle) but a little goes a long way.
Whenever applied, I see a 50-80% improvement overnight! It also seems quite soothing as he calms down whenever I apply it to his bum :)
Company website here. Purchased at Rolz&Sassy (Kincardine)


  1. I wish I could find some of that right now- Ike's been sick AND teething, and his poor little bottom's so red. I don't think anyone around here stocks it, though. Maybe I can find another one with beeswax in it somewhere...

  2. correction the bottle was 250mL.
    mrsembers, are you in ontario? you could probably find a supplier by going to their site?

  3. nope, she's an east coast babe ;)