Monday, June 15, 2009

Foogo sippy cup and Foogo straw cup (by Thermos)

I really really wanted to love these cups. I wanted them to be so great that I'd never have to buy another sippy again. I looked forward to the consecutive unrefrigerated hours of insulated goodness. The insulation delivered; the spill-proof factor did not.

I found that with both of these cups, the straw cup especially, if they are left on their sides they inevitably produce a sticky puddle on the floor (...couch... blankie...table...). If held upside down or shaken, the sippy will leak in drips. The straw cup will leak in a stream. I don't know if it's the valve construction or what, but at $18+ each, I am not impressed. I'm sure they would still be good for long trips or outings when milk and juice need to be kept cold and spilling doesn't matter (think picnic). But for around my house, when my toddler prances around and throws/drops/shakes/abandons cups, they are definitely not ideal.

Purchased at Snugglebugz (Burlington) but available at most specialty baby boutiques.


  1. Totally, 110% agree! At least I got mine for a really good deal. They totally suck! :0(

  2. That's SO disappointing! Non-leakiness is the most important factor in choosing a sippy cup. hanks for the warning! They looked so nice, too...

  3. Ours started to smell very badly as well - a little like mildew - but we couldn't find where the smell was coming from. Worrisome, actually.