Friday, June 19, 2009

Belly Bandit postpartum wrap

*Giant sigh of disappointment*.

I didn't expect this wrap to work miracles (although the advertising did seem to promise a lovely slim figure just weeks after giving birth); I was definitely wary of those claims. I did expect it to at least be comfortable and make me look okay in clothes!! The reason I'm using a stock photo of this product is because I can't photograph mine, as it's already been sold on kijiji (for 75% of the retail price, I might add! It sold in 2 days).

Ok, so I put the thing on the day after giving birth to my second child, as the instructions said you could begin that early. I had used their sizing chart to select my size (medium) and i really had to pack myself in there to get the velcro to meet (understandable, considering how much weight you lose that first week). It felt nice to have something tight and supportive around me while I was still large and recovering from birth. The instructions also say to wear it 24 hours a day, just take it off to shower. So... while I sleep? I understand the reasoning but honestly, it's a VERY stiff item! I tried a couple times but could not sleep well with it on.

After a few days of wear, the wrap started to get some very deep creases in it at the back from the natural curve of my (and most women's) body(s). Even after washing and steaming, the creases wouldn't come out. I concluded that the Belly Bandit must be designed for women whose torsos are shaped like a toilet paper roll. And by week 5or 6, the size that had barely done up on day 2 was now too big for me.

Another complaint: they claim it barely shows under clothes. Are these women wearing bulky sweaters with large cable knit? Because unless that's the case, the bandit is definitely visible under clothing. The part of the velcro tab that overlaps is quite thick and stiff. If you want your gut sucked in and smooth under a shirt, get some Spanx.

Purchased online at Cheeky Monkey. I will be reviewing another, BETTER, postpartum wrap from Tokyo Baby some time soon.


  1. Bang on Hayley! And the Japanese wraps (aside from the boning) are 100 times better :D

  2. It sounds as if you work for Tokyo baby… I say that because I have the exact opposite experience. I tried those Japanese wraps the boning strips that dug into my back (much like how some on my really uncomfortable bras are)…I wore the thing for 2 days and couldn’t use it. My sister went out and got me the belly bandit and I thought it was 10x more comfy. I wore the bamboo one which was more expensive but worth them money as I wore it night and day like it said in the directions. I have gone down and now need another belly bandit

  3. I definitely do not work for Tokyo Baby! Interesting that you had an opposite experience. Maybe it's all about body shape/type? I've had the japanese one less than a week so I'm still formulating my thoughts on it, but I've been wearing it at night with no problems. It does ride up during the day but I had that with the bandit as well, there's probably no way to solve that problem unless it has attached shorts/underwear.

  4. I found the Japanese one rode up on me too! I think one of the reasons you may be able to wear it day and night is because it’s not super sturdy. It felt sort of loose, like the only thing holding it up was the boning strips. The Belly Bandit seems tighter and stronger and I felt it gave me more support and I did lose inches wearing it. It helped support my back which was weak to begin with. Let me know what you think after wearing it for a while.

  5. How should I clean belly bandit? I don't want to shrink it? Should I just hand cleanse it in the sink?

    1. The post pregnancy belly wrap is a tried and trusted method of helping women regain a flat stomach after childbirth. The concept of the postpartum belly wrap is nothing new and in fact has been used by some