Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Original Robeez soft-soled shoes

This one's a no-brainer; pretty much every parent or parent-to-be knows that these are the standard soft shoe that you get for your kids. But what no one seems to agree on is whether they're called "ROE-bees" or "ROBB-ees". Either way, they come in adorable and hip designs, and these leather beauties will fit little feet from birth (sort-of... at first they may fit in the ankle but not be filled right to the toe) until 24+ months. I have found that even with almost daily use, these shoes hold up incredibly well and will easily last you through more than one child's wear. They stay on, and they keep those wandering baby socks in place. They'll cost you more than the average walmart-style cloth crib shoe, but they are worth it (if you really can't imagine paying that much though, Joe brand and some Etsy sellers make fabulous knock-offs). Available at major retailers and baby boutiques, or here.