Friday, October 9, 2009

Bumbo babysitter

Since the Bumbo has become pretty much a standard baby purchase, I'm not going to treat this post like you've never heard of them before, and that I've made some brilliant discovery here. Instead, let's discuss what we like and don't like about them, and whether or not they are worth buying/having.

First of all, they finally got some more colours. Yay! Originally I think it was just pink, blue, yellow, purple and turquoise... was there lime green, too? Lately I've seen orange and red as well. Nice to have options, especially if you don't know if it's a boy or girl at the time of purchase.

I love my Bumbo, and have used it often with both kids. I start them around 3-4 months old, for short periods of time only until they learn to stop leaning and tipping. The tray is very useful to have, especially when they are still gaining neck and back strength, because they can brace themselves up a bit. When I start solid food with my kids, it's in the Bumbo. I just set it on the counter or table and face them, then shovel away. It's a much nicer arm height than a highchair, until you get to the point where they can begin feeding themselves finger food or use utensils. Very portable, obviously, as well. There is a warning that it isn't supposed to be on raised surfaces, but if you're sitting or standing right there the whole time, I don't see it being a major risk.

I have the older-style tray. It's alright, but the older the child gets, the easier it is for them to wiggle it off if they're arching in the seat. The newer tray seems to be designed better to combat this problem.

Once a baby is on finger foods, and a little more independent, it's nice to be able to put them on the floor in it and scatter some cheerios or mum-mums on the tray for them. Yes, you could easily do this in a highchair, but do you really want to drag your highchair around the house to your computer/laundry room/bedroom if you want to bring the baby with you while you get some tasks done? This makes it simple.

They do reach a point where they can get themselves out, and that seems to be different for each child. Close supervision is always recommended.

As for furthered use, I've even seen small-bummed toddlers able to use it as a booster seat at 2-3 years old! Although, there are babies with really chunky thighs who don't seem to fit in it at the age it's intended for. Shop wisely if you have a michelin baby.

All in all, a very valuable item to have at your disposable. Even if just to plunk your not-yet-sitting-upright baby in while you pee.

Available at Babies R Us.


  1. I liked the Bumbo. I'm glad it was a gift, because they're freakin' expensive, but it was good. Ike used to sit in his and yell at his reflection in the mirror- it was great. Then he learned how to push with one foot on hard floors and push himself around in circles, and it was incredible entertaining.

    I didn't find the new-style tray that great, though.

  2. I have been dealing getting one as I haven't really heard what all the excitement is about. Thanks for the detailed review! I'll add it to the list for the shower our church it having for Lucy :)

  3. I need a red one too....where do I find one? I can only find one in the UK and Australia. Has anyone seen one in the US?

  4. they have red here in canada at toys r us.

  5. its good 5 stars dont last 4 long thow as babys grow quick