Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gerber Graduates Tossables plates

I know, I know. Plastic isn't good. But honestly... I find it really hard to completely avoid it all the time. Frozen foods come in plastic bags... the inside of my fridge and freezer are plastic for crying out loud! But I am becoming vigilant about not putting plastic in the microwave or dishwasher. The good thing about these plates is you aren't supposed to do either of those things with them anyways.

These come in a package of three: monkey, tiger and hippo faces. They are thin, translucent, almost bendable plastic, but sturdy enough to handle daily wear and tear. Each plate has two sections (nice for toddlers who like their food organized, and keeps runny foods from getting other dry foods wet). My daughter enjoyed moving the food around (or eating it) the first few times she used them, to try to find the eyes and mouth of each animal.

I am a little confused by the name: does "tossable" mean that they are disposable? Or just that you can throw them around and they can take a beating? I'm not sure. But they are definitely reusable.

The same cannot be said for the matching sippy cup, which has been declared the worst sippy cup in the world.

Purchased at my local Walmart.


  1. I think tossable means you can toss them out if you want but can keep them too?
    i have the ikea plates which i do not put in the dishwasher/micro either. No faces but durable and if I lose some I don't care cuz they were $2 for 6! woo hoo!
    Where'd you score these ones?

  2. I like these. I want some.

  3. yeah, i think tossable means just toss it if you don't want to wash it, which, quite frankly, makes me sick.
    i would just reuse them though. we use lots of plastic and like you avoid the microwave and dishwasher... but my ikea dishes say dishwasher safe on the bottom, do i just ignore that little inviting symbol?

  4. You can buy a very similar product at the Dollarama. The difference is it is 3 identical plates not 3 separate patterns. I like a good product and a good deal.